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Wedding and Catering

How to sign on with Zen Peninsula for your wedding banquet?
1. Congratulations on your decision to get married.
2. You may start your research for your choice of theme, type of wedding, banquet, season etc.
3. Once you interest in having a "Chinese Banquet", please draft a list of your candidates and a visit plan. Thank you for considering Zen Peninsula as a possible place. You can get a head start by visiting our web site www.zenpeninsula.com for our banquet menu and some of the pictures.
4. We, Zen strongly encourage you to gather all the available dates, pricing etc. to formulate a budget/pros/cons comparison spread sheet. In the beginning, we were very flexible on the dates. As we get into our second year of operation, it gets tougher and now it becomes impossible for some of the popular dates. Therefore, we recommend you to make your reservation early.
5. We, Zen offer two types of banquet, private and regular. For private banquet, we will close the restaurant and post a full house sign along with your reception notice. For regular banquet, we will section off with partitions or planters for your banquet area and remain open for public dining. One of the decision point for reserving with Zen is whether you prefer a private banquet or not. We, Zen are very familiar in holding private banquet and we will transform our wedding hall into your desirable theme. Which kind of banquet do you have in mind, traditional Chinese banquet or the hotel style Chinese food type, private or regular?
6. You can always pick out one of our banquet menu as a template and customize your own menu. We will provide pricing accordingly. For those love birds who reserve 7 to 18 months out, we will work with you on your menu of choices six months prior.
7. Thank you for choosing us as one of your finalist, please call ahead to make sure your desirable date is "still" available and make an appointment to discuss details. We will then show you our facility and present our offerings.
8. Once you understand all the terms and conditions and give us the honor to facilitate your banquet, you need to sign an agreement with us along with your deposit check payable to Zen Peninsula.
9. Post signing, please stay in touch by visiting us frequently for dim sum and dinner. Thus we get more business yet you know we are still in business. That is why we often named our customers "the bride and the groom" in Chinese because they are all our bride and groom in past, present and future time...
10. If you have any questions, please feel free to email zen@zenpeninsula.com or come by for a visit. Our banquet manager Andy is happy to assist you. Please call 650-616-9388 for inquiry appointment.


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Send mail to zen@zenpeninsula.com with questions or comments about this web site.  Zen Peninsula  specialize in modern Cantonese style Dim Sum,  seafood and authentic Chinese food.   All pricing information published in this web site is subject to change without notice.