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Please also take a look at our gallery for more dishes.

椰汁燉官燕() - Supreme bird's nest with coconut cream

芝士黃金盒 - Golden Cheese Box

妙醬帶子蒸豆腐 - Zen's Scallop Steam To-fu

賽螃蟹 - Shanghai style egg white and scallop

崧子粟米牛柳粒 - Steak with pine nuts and corn

香草燒汁羊仔鞍 - Zen's special lam chop

豆豉鯪魚A - Chinese "A" Green with Fried dice and Black bean sauce

紅酒牛尾煲 - Ox Tail with Red Wine sauce in clay pot

沙窩XO醬爆通菜 - Chinese Vegetables in XO chili sauce in clay pot

蜜豆花枝帶子 - Sweet pea with Scallop and Squid

炭燒豬頸肉 - Zen's special pork (peanut sauce)

脆皮綠茶雞(/全隻) - Crispy Green Tea Chicken

片皮鴨(全隻) - Peking Duck

蠔皇原隻22頭吉品鮑 - Braised Yoshihama abalone in oyster sauce

XO醬珊瑚花枝片 - Squid in XO chili sauce

錫燒銀雪魚 - Smoke Sea Bass

宮庭京烤骨- Spare Ribs in Emperor style

雪蛤瓊山豆腐 - Hashima with Special Tofu

流星花丸 - Zen's special Shrimp Ball

酸豆角炒肉青 - Stir fried pork with sour Chinese pea

蝦乾鹹肉炒甜豆 - Stir fried pork with dry shrimp and sweet pea

越式油泡大蝦 - Vietnamese style Fried Shrimp

沙窩蝦醬爆唐生菜 - Dried shrimp sauce with Romaine lettuce











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