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菜片海鮮鬆(6) Minced seafood with lettuce cups
班戟木須肉(6) Mu-shu pork with pancakes (6)
黃金炸大蝦(8) Golden fried prawns (8)
麻香雞沙律 Shredded sesame chicken salad
脆香炸春卷(4) Crisp fried egg rolls (4)
生煎窩貼(4) Pot stickers (4)
上海素鵝 Shanghai style vegetarian bean curb
椒鹽鮮魷(*) Salt and pepper calamari


足料老火燉湯 Daily double broiled soup
窩雲吞湯 Wor won ton soup
素酸辣湯(*) Vegetarian hot and sour soup
粟米雞茸羹 Chicken with sweet corn soup
西湖牛肉羹 Westlake minced beef soup
韭皇瑤柱羹 Dried scallop & golden chives soup
蟹肉魚肚羹 Crab meet & fish maw soup
竹笙海皇羹 Bamboo pith & seafood soup


海蜇拼盤 House special cold cut platter
燒味雙拼 Barbeque platter (2 selections)
燒味三拼 Barbeque platter (3 selections)
化皮乳豬件 Roasted suckling pig platter
乳豬拼盤 Roasted suckling pig & cold cut platter
蜜汁叉燒 Honey barbeque pork
片皮鴨 Peking Duck
脆皮炸子雞 Crispy fried chicken
玫瑰豉油雞 Soy sauce chicken
日式海草 Seaweed salad


港式甜酸生炒骨 Hong Kong style sweet and sour spare ribs
京都焗肉排 Peking spare ribs
椒鹽排骨(*) Salt and pepper pork chops
成都魚香肉絲(*) Shredded pork hash in garlic sauce
橙花香排骨 Orange glazed pork chops


中式牛柳條 Fillet of beef Chinese style
蒙古辣牛肉(*) Mongolian beef
黑椒汁牛柳(*) Black pepper steak
西蘭花牛肉 Beef with Broccoli
川椒炒牛肉(*) Szechwan beef
XO醬爆牛肉(*) Stir-fried beef with XO chilli sauce
菜遠牛肉 Stir-fried beef with Greens


西檸煎軟雞 Lemon chicken
宮保雞丁(*) Kung pao chicken
豉汁雞球 Chicken with black bean sauce
腰果雞丁 Cashew nut chicken
菠籮甜酸雞 Sweet and sour chicken
香妃黃毛雞 Steamed range free chicken in conpoy sauce
脆皮燒乳鴿(隻) Crispy skin squab
掛爐烤鴨(全) Barbeque duck
菜遠雞球 Stir-fried chicken with greens

Clay Pots

釆蝶一品窩 Zen's speicaly delights (Fish maw, goose web, sea cucumber, conpoy, mushroom braised in abalone sauce served over greens)
大千海鮮煲 Szechwan seafood in clay pot
鹹魚雞粒豆腐煲 Salted fish & diced chicken in clay pot
柱侯牛腩煲 Braised beef brisket in clay pot
火腩薑蔥生蠔煲 Oyster & roast pork with giner and scallion in clay pot


鮑魚汁瑤柱豆腐 Tofu with dried scallop in abalone sauce
鮮蟹肉扒雙蔬 Fresh crab meat over greens
大地蘭薳 Chinese brocolli sauteed with dried fish
香煎琵琶豆腐 Pan-fried pi-pa tofu
金銀蛋上湯菠菜 Dual eggs over spinach in supreme broth
川辣麻婆豆腐(*) Ma po tofu
雲腿麒麟豆腐 Steamed tofu with Chinese ham
北菇扒菜膽 Shitaki mushroom over greens
鮑魚汁竹笙雜菌 Bamboo pith over mixed mushrooms in abalone sauce
麻婆豆腐 Ma po tofu
清炒油菜心 Stir-fried Chinese Green
蒜茸白菜 Stir-fried Bak Choy with garlic sauce
蠔油芥蘭 Chinese Brocolli in Oyster sauce
椒絲腐乳通菜 Chinese green in pepper and Chinese fu yu
紅燒豆腐 Braised tofu with vegetables & mushroom
干扁四季豆 String beans Szechwan style
上湯豆苗 Chinese green in broth
蒜子豆苗 Chinese green with garlic piece
蒜茸豆苗 Chinese green in garlic sauce
鮮冬菇扒大豆苗 Chinese green in Shitaki mushroom sauce
上湯油菜心 Yau-Choy in broth

Healthier Choices

金粟上素豆腐羹 Sweet corn & tofu soup
竹笙鼎湖上素 Sauteed mixed vegetables with fungus & bamboo pith
北菇銀杏煮鮮枝竹 Stewed tofu stick with gingko nuts & black mushroom
紅燒素豆腐 Braised tofu with vegetables & mushroom
蒜子田園雜菜 Stir-fried fresh mixed vegetables
咖喱粉絲什菜煲 Curry favor mixed vegetables & silver noodle
魚香茄子煲 Eggplant with garlic sauce in clay pot
鮮茄粟米豆腐炒飯 Fried rice with tofu, sweet corn & tomato
羅漢上素生麵 Mixed vegetables with fungus over noodle
茄子菇粒炆伊麵 Eggplant with mushroom e-fu noodle
雪菜銀芽炆米粉 Preserved vegetable & bean sprout vermicelli


鴻圖窩伊麵 E-fu noodles with fresh crab meat in egg flower soup
金菇瑤柱炆伊麵 Dried scallop & enoki mushroom over e-fu noodle
釆蝶軒煎麵 Zen's special pan-fried noodle or flat noodle
福建炒飯 Fu-jian fried rice
泰式炒米 Thai style spicy vermicelli
馬來炒貴刁 Malaysian style chow fun
myZen 炒飯 my Zen Fried rice (choice of BBQ pork, chicken, beef or mixed vegetables, shrimp or seafood)
myZen 炒麵+ my Zen chow mein or fun (choice of BBQ pork, chicken, beef or mixed vegetables, shrimp or seafood)
乾炒牛河 Stir-fried beef rice noodle
滑蛋蝦球炒河 Stir-fried shrimp rice noodle in egg sauce
揚州炒飯 Yeung Chow fried rice
鹹魚雞粒炒飯 Chicken fried rice with dry salty fish
豉椒牛肉炒河 Pepper steak fried rice noodle
豉油皇炒麵 Soy sauce chow mein
乾燒伊麵 Pan fried e-fu noodle
肉絲煎麵 Pork pan-fried noodle
黑椒牛柳條煎麵 Black pepper steak pan fried noodle
雞茸燴燕窩(位) Braised bird's nest soup with shredded chicken


合桃明蝦球 Honey walnut prawns
川味辣蝦球(*) Szechwan prawns
鮮蝦龍糊 Prawns with lobster sauce
椒鹽蝦球(*) Salt & pepper prawns
宮保蝦球(*) Kung pao prawns
XO醬鮮百合帶子(*) Stir-fried scallops with lily bulbs in XO chili sauce
魚香帶子(*) Scallops in spicy garlic sauce
貳崧豉汁帶子 Stir-fried scallops with pine nuts in black bean sauce
薑蔥爆生蠔 Stir-fried oyster with giner & scallions
酥炸大生蠔 Crispy fried oysters
豉汁炒大蜆 Stir-fried clams in black bean sauce
上湯浸醉蜆 Broiled clams in white wine sauce
菜遠蝦球 Prawn over greens
油泡帶子 Stir-fried scallop


煙焗銀雪魚 Honey glazed smoked sea bass
椒鹽銀雪魚(*) Salt & pepper sea bass fillet
甜酸石斑塊 Rock cod fillet in sweet & sour sauce
豉汁石斑塊 Rock cod fillet in black bean sauce
骨香大龍利(條) Sauteed fillet of flounder

Live Crab

沙爹銀絲鮮蟹煲 Satay crab with silver noodle in clay pot
薑蔥炒大蟹 Sauteed crab with ginger and scallion
鹹蛋黃炒蟹 Sauteed crab with salt egg yoke
上湯焗龍蝦 Stir-fried lobster in supreme broth
金銀蒜冬粉蒸龍蝦 Steamed lobster with garlic over silver noddle
芝士牛油焗龍蝦 Baked lobster in cheese and butter sauce


花膠北菇扣鵝掌 Braised slice abalone & goose web
蝦子北菇扒海參 Braised asea cucumber with shrimp roe
碧綠鮮鮑片 Braised abalone over greens
鮑片扣鵝掌 Braised fish maw, shitaki mushroom & goose web (4 persons)
蠔皇原隻鮮鮑 Braised whole abalone in oyster sauce (each)
原隻吉品乾鮑(隻) Braised Yoshihama abalone in oyster sauce (each)


杏汁燉燕窩(位) Double broiled bird's nest with almond cream (each)
椰汁燉官燕(位) Double broiled supreme bird's nest with coconut cream (each)
雪蛤燉紅蓮(位) Double broiled hashima with red dates (each)
花旗參燉雪蛤(位) Double broiled hashima with American Ginseng (each)





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